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3 simple step harmony weight loss plan works the power of science in your favor.


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One-by-one, we discover reasons to your weight gain. What triggers you to lose your motivation. Why don’t you have the energy to stay healthy? Also, –do you experience the stress due to a lack of support from your metabolism, hormones or nutrition.

it’s not you, let’s find what it is

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With giving you variety of options based on nutritional harmony weight loss plan (real food, proven trends, and simple techniques) to design a weight loss plan that works. You will learn the easiest way to replace or fill what is missing. All natural, based on your unique needs.

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Harmony personal weight loss coaches will stand by you long enough to ensure your success in maintaining your weight loss. Ensure your success in maintaining your weight loss. How hard could it be? let’s remind you, you now have a profile with everything that works uniquely for you.

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My name is Dina. I’m the founder of harmony weight loss method. I also have a health blog, Harmonizedu.com, where I write about trusting health, natural food, and real weight loss.


Harmony Weight Loss Center is where we offer realistic weight loss and wellness programs to whom is ready to do it right. Our goal is to provide supervised weight loss plan, based on your own body, mind, and lifestyle.


We love our clients and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.